Life is short
Are you making the most of it?


Working a lot?
After a good job, your reward is well earned.
Well, you’re not asking for a Ferrari or a trip around the world...
Not enough leisure time?
Do you know that you are the most important person?
You’re not being selfish. No way. Only when you love yourself, you’ll be able to love others.
Feeling stressed up?
Stress produces cortisol. Pleasure produces dopamine.
Pleasure is enjoyable, my dear. It should be a duty.
Is your head spinning?
That’s not necessarily bad. But if you never disconnect, that’s bad for your physical and mental health. Don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself.
Wishing to slow down a bit?
We don't like stress here, that's why we have plenty of peace, relax, well-being and comfort available for you.

At Moona we love happy clients, and so, we work hard at achieving results.

“An unforgettable experience, in a small romantic corner.
The owner is a star. Will do it again.” Andrei (Spain)

A Top space

You’ll sleep in a 1930’s building. Charcoal and wine were sold in the premises back then. After a thorough work of renovation, Moona opened up in 2019. Just out of the oven! We’ve made a great effort so you can really enjoy yourself here. Moona is a personal space; quiet, cheerful, close, charming, and full of light and good vibrations.

“The building is completely renovated. Everything is brand new, full of light, comfy and nice. Also, there is a free car park just a few steps away from the premises. During the low season it is very easy to find parking spaces there.” María (Spain)

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You couldn’t be closer
to the town centre

You take your well-deserved break to enjoy your time in Altea. That’s why we don’t want to see you wasting your time, looking for a parking space or getting stressed about traffic. From Moona, you have what you need there and then. Two steps away.

“Location is superb, the room was very comfy. Pleasant treatment with the owner, who was close and amicable. It couldn’t have gone better.” Anonymous

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Have breakfast
whenever you want

We know that you need to rest in a quiet place. Tack yourself in these 100% cotton sheets where you will sleep like a baby. Once rested, you can make yourself a lush breakfast with fresh ingredients and enjoy it whenever you want. The one decision for you to make then will be whether you want to have it in your room or in that fabulous rooftop Moona created for you.

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Checking-in freedom

No need to put down your foot while driving there. No need to pray for your plane to break the sound barrier. No need to curse the train or bus network because you won’t make it “in time” for the hotel. Relax... You can arrive anytime.
You will always be welcome.

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Caring design

Decoration is very Mediterranean and colourful, but at the same time very casual, profiting from natural sunlight and peace. Each corner has been designed with dedication and care, because we want you to feel good, you deserve it.

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to dream

You can choose from five rooms, all of them fitted with their private bathroom and kitchen. If you feel like eating or browsing your computer, furniture is modular, you’ll feel as good as in your own home.

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Netflix for you

Everything we do, we do it for you. You’ll be able to watch the series you are hooked with or that film on Netflix now that you have some spare time and you feel relaxed. Or just follow the home and away news on TV.

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whatsapp service

We want you to disconnect.
Making things easy for you is... Having any doubts? Do you want to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner but don’t know where to go? Needs some tips on what to visit in Altea and the surrounding areas? We offer you a personalised whatsapp service for your own convenience.
You see...that’s how we are.

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Show me the rooms
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